Exciting trip to Japan

It was the firsttrip to Japan in my life so I was pretty worried the day before we went to Japan. I kept thiking what will happen in there and thinking the same thing over and over. I didn’t want to worry about goging trip to Japan but it reminded all the time.

I didn’t slept that night very well and I was very tired to wake up. When I finally came to Incheon airport with my classmate. In ther plane, I prayed about to be a safe journey and about my family. It was fun when the plane take up and when it was about landing in Japan. It wobbled and make the filling of flying (I guess..), like riding a rollercoaster.

In Japan when we first arrived it was rainning in Japan and it was little chilly too. Now, I will tell you about three things that was very exciting things that I did while we were in Japan. 

1. Universal studios- I likes to ride the spider man, Terminator and other rides, but the best ride was the Holly wood dream (The ride <rollercoaster>). It was very scary and I didn’t opened my eyes while I was riding the rollercoaster. And I trided to scream like everybody else, I couldn’t do that because I had a sore throat. I only shut my mouth and rode it.

2. Todaiji temple- It was HUGE temple and I ikes th see ther heer waiking peacefully in the temple and they were cute and I want to pet that deer in my home! (But I dion’t like their poohing~.)

3. Imperial palace- We didn’t go inside of the palace, but we saw our Korea president visting and I think I am luky to meet him in Japan!

It was very fun trip and Ilike Japan very much! (But I didn’t like the food~!)


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