Story of heroic pig named William

Once upon a time there was a rig named William, He was a ordinary pig with big body and short legs. He was living in a farm with other hundreds of other pigs. One sunny day, he went out for a walk in the yard looking for something to eat. But something  was moving violently  beside a wood. He ran for it and saw a little lamb wiggling for free from the wolf who was clenching a little lamb tight with it’s  sharp teeth. When William saw this he ran to the wolf , as he did so wolf slowly turned to William, it  put down it’s pray and saw William with watery mouth,  full of saliva and ran for William. William was terrified and horror he couldn’t move. He just stared the wolf. As wolf was getting closer and closer he closed his eyes, ran for the little lamb and hurried to the farmer who was sleeping beside a tree. He was woked by William’s oinking sound and saw his own pig, holding a little lamb , followed by a big wolf. He quickly got a shovel and killed a wolf . Famer’s hand was filled with sweat and was surprised and happy about William to save a little lamb. 

William saves the day. 

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